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January 25, | Adults, Education, Leadership & News Camp Fire First Texas will open the 13th Early Childhood Conference on Friday, March 5 with a special screening of the groundbreaking documentary film, No Small Matter. Campfire Cocktails: Drinks for Sipping around the Firepit. You’re more looking at a responsible adult buzz rather than a fireside blackout. Recipe. Apple Cider Hot Toddy. The Hot Toddy is the granddad of the classic fall cocktails. It’s been around in one form or another since people had liquor and water to heat up and combine.

metal craft hot dog & marshmallow campfire roasting stick (food grade stainless) this cooking utensil has sharp prongs which should be handled carefully by an adult. failure to do so may cause injury or death. this cooking utensil is not a toy and should not be handled by children without the supervision and instruction of an adult. All of a sudden this guy is the hit of the party, jamming songs until the wee hours and leading the crew in singalongs of campfire classics and modern pop hits. It’s the summer of , and this is the closest thing we have to live music right now. So take it in and don’t be bashful — you too can be the cool kid around the campfire.

Missing Adult 60 year old Steven Kost went hiking at Staunton State Park yesterday, January 12, , at a.m. and was expected home at p.m., but never made it there. If you see Steven or saw him yesterday please call our dispatch at to let us know. Push one marshmallow onto each stick and heat until toasty and browned over an open fire (campfire, grill or gas burner). Place one square of chocolate on 6 of the graham cracker square. Top each with a hot marshmallows and another graham cracker. Squish and eat. Makes: 6. Try our Lavender Marshmallows in a big bowl of mexican hot chocolate. To.

Elton John – Tiny Dancer. One of those rare occasions where a song gets ultra-popular more than 30 years after it's original release thanks to just one epic movie Dancer is, of course, more of a piano song, but it works nicely on the guitar even though . And now for some good ol' Austin Powers fun The naughty hot dog and marshmallow cooking sticks are metal poles that you use to cook your hot dogs or marshmallows over the campfire that are shaped like a Johnson-ville hot dog or brat is a good choice for when you're out camping and looking for a quick meal, and also why not use the adult hot dog and marshmallow cooking sticks while you're.