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Channel 4 adult cartoon main characters are Edgar, wife Wendy, kids Dusty, Jason and Eve, Edgar's father-in-law and his imaginary friend, Squidge. Why We Can’t Wait: Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland has developed a new animated show,and it promises to be as vulgar, violent, and hilarious as the ultra-popular Adult Swim series. The series focuses on a family of aliens forced to live in Middle America who will have to determine if Earth is awful or simply awesome – they also.

HBO Max signs “adult” cartoon series based on Scooby-Doo’s Velma Six other new series, including return of Lord and Miller's MTV classic Clone High. Sam Machkovech - Feb 10, pm UTC. Adult cartoons/animated series have become a new staple in the television viewing household, as studio executives eventually realized that there's a massive paying market for the industry outside of children.

The series looks like it hopes to be a medieval fantasy riff off Futurama, which should entice a wide variety of cartoon addicts, and with Groening at the helm, expect the show to conjure enough. Here's a bunch of adult toons that we find amusing but other people probably jerk off to. Warning, this section is for viewers of 18 years of age, or older. Play All Videos.

Aug 11,  · We respect your authority. But you are not the best adult cartoon of all-time. Our editorial staff recently debated and eventually voted on television’s 20 best adult animated series. And by “adult,” we don’t just mean R-rated hijinks: we mean shows written for adults, which means more than a few random f-bombs. Family Guy is one of the funniest adult cartoons of all time. It was created by Seth MacFarlane in The series led to another cartoon for adults, The Cleveland Show, which is also on this list of cartoons with r rated humor.