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adult convict cichlid - Adult bro and gf having fun!

Jan 01,  · Subsequently, a growing list of cichlid fish from western Africa and the Americas made their way into the aquariums of fish fanciers. These included New World examples, like the convict cichlid, severum, freshwater angelfish and firemouth, and from Africa the jewelfish, kribensis and Egyptian mouthbrooder. The Black Convict Cichlid is a cave-breeder and will accept a range of water conditions. To promote breeding, increase the water temperature between °F. Some females will spawn between a cave and an open area. The Black Convict Cichlid readily pairs and forms a patriarch/matriarch family and both the male and female will care for the young.

Perfect for beginner aquarists, the Convict Cichlid is a relatively small fish that will grow up to around 6 inches in length for males, and around 4 inches in length for females. The minimum tank size we would recommend for Convict Cichlids is around 25 gallons. Convict Cichlids have eight to nine black vertical bars on their blue-grey bodies hence the name "convict." Breeding Convict Cichlids is not as hard as taking care of other species of tropical fish. This is because the adult Convict Cichlids are quite attentive parents and as such will require very minimal human supervision or intervention.

Nov 08,  · Convict Cichlids, also known as zebra cichlids due to their beautiful black and white stripes, are an ideal fish for beginners. They are a very hardy fish breed which can adapt to most 82%(11). The convict julie (Julidochromis regani) is a cichlid species in the subfamily Pseudocrenilabrinae family endemic to Lake it is found in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, and fish is named after Charles Tate Regan.. This species is closely related to Julidochromis boxxx.xyzly, a male common ancestor of these two hybridised with some.

Archocentrus nigrofasciatus, the Convict Cichlid, is a cichlid from Central America. Convicts are substrate breeders and form pairs bonds that often last a lifetime. A pair will defend a territory from other fish and when ready to spawn will clean a space on a rock or sometimes in a cave. All orders containing adult cichlids must be. Jul 03,  · Appearance of convict cichlid Image by Deanpemberton from commons Wikimedia. The appearance of these Black Convict Cichlids gets their name from the white and black stripes they appear. They are also known as the Cichlid Zebra. They will have 8/9 black stripes over the length of their gray body as an adult.