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Glue Ear in Adults Glue Ear (otherwise known as Otitis Media with Effusion or Serious Otitis Media) is a common medical condition which affects hearing. This can result in communication challenges at work and social difficulties. The thick liquid in glue ear can make it difficult for a child to hear because the fluid stops the eardrum and middle ear bones from vibrating. Symptoms of Glue Ear in Adults. The symptoms of glue ear in adults are like those in children. An adult may realise their hearing has decreased and they feel as though there is a blockage or pressure.

Glue ear is caused by blockage of a small tube in the ear, called the Eustachian tube. When fluid is trapped inside this tube, fluid builds up in the middle ear cavity (called an effusion) and this can slowly get thicker. This often happens after a head cold. Glue ear can happen after repeated middle ear infections. Nov 08,  · Glue ear, known as adhesive otitis, is a condition that occurs when the middle part of your ear fills with fluid. This part of the ear is located behind the Author: Kristeen Cherney.

Adult glue ear? (27 Posts) Add message | Report. fengirl1 Tue Jul Just that really- or maybe not. Back story: about seven weeks I had a cold, which then turned into a nasty cough. My left ear also felt 'full' at this point. I went to dr who prescribed antibiotics for chest infection. Glue ear occurs when the middle ear, which normally contains air, gets blocked and fills with a glue-like fluid. Glue ear may be caused by a cold, blocked nose, swollen adenoids, allergies or tobacco smoke. It's most common in young children but can occur in adults. Glue ear can affect one or both ears and is easily missed as there is little or.

Jul 23,  · Glue ear is a common condition that affects children and adults alike. It is directly related to the middle ear. Your ear has three main parts: the outer, middle and inner portions. The middle ear is a canal that is located behind the eardrum. Normally, that canal is filled with air and helps to equalise pressure on the eardrum itself. Glue Ear can also become present in adults. Generally adults complain of decreased hearing, ear blockage or pressure. Signs and treatment for adults are similar as for children. This usually involves inserting a Grommet into the middle ear if symptoms do not subside within three months.