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Chest pains is a concern, an in fact somewhat unusual in a young child. While this maybe from a perfectly non-concerning cause--I would recommend you seek out his pediatrician in order to have this evaluated. Growing pains is certainly a well known condition. Not all people suffering from the pectus excavatum condition feel pain. However, in severe cases of deformity, agony is prevalent. A significant role in the pain is poor posture, weak musculature, and tightness in the upper body area, especially the back and chest muscles.

Jan 30,  · "growing pains" in ribs and chest? diagnosed with growing pains for the following: (included xrays for ribs and chest along with cat scan) -left ribs recentlygrown larger than right (noticable thru shirts). aches and pains on both sides -when first noticed i pressed on/under bigger ribs and gott dizzy/nauseated -for week small aches and pains in ribs -after one week sudden chest pain . Growing pains can come and go over months, even years. The pain is usually: an aching or throbbing in both legs; in the muscles, not the joints; in the evening or night-time (and goes away by morning) Growing pains are more common in active children and can come on after playing a .

Growing pains are what doctors call a diagnosis of exclusion. This means that other conditions will be ruled out before a diagnosis of growing pains is made. This usually is done by taking a medical history and doing a physical exam. May 01,  · The most common causes of acute chest pain in young adults presenting to the emergency department are chest wall pain (costochondritis) and anxiety (panic disorder). A lead ECG and chest radiograph are usually the only ancillary tests required to evaluate chest pain in otherwise healthy young adults.

Dachshund growing pains. While growing pains in the typical sense do not afflict puppies, your Dachshund may experience orthopedic conditions like those mentioned above. These conditions can manifest themselves in a number of ways such as limping, an abnormal gait or stance, or reluctance to participate in normal activities. Chest Pain & Growing Pains Symptom Checker: Possible causes include Rheumatic Fever. Check the full list of possible causes and conditions now! Talk to .