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The infant’s crib, portable crib, play yard or bassinet should be placed in the parent’s bedroom for at least 6 months but preferably a year. Evidence suggests that it is less hazardous to fall asleep with the infant in the adult bed than on a sofa or armchair, should the parent fall asleep. Keep soft objects and loose bedding away. Placing the crib close to the parents’ bed so that the infant is within view and reach can facilitate feeding, comforting, and monitoring of the infant. Room-sharing reduces SIDS risk and removes the possibility of suffocation, strangulation, and entrapment that may occur when the infant is sleeping in the adult bed.

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Keep the baby's crib clean and clear of clutter. A clear crib is a safe crib. Do not use blankets and other loose materials in the crib that may cause suffocation. You can keep your baby warm with a lightweight blanket that is tucked into the foot . The name "toddler bed" gives a hint about the suggested age limits for its usefulness: it's for toddlers, which means up until preschool age. The CPSC describes toddler beds as reasonably expected for use by children under age 5. If he's hesitant to move up to an adult-sized bed, keep calling his current bed a "toddler bed" in his presence.

In almost every conversation about getting babies to sleep in their crib the parent will suggest that the problem may be the crib itself. As adults we tend to project our own sleep “stuff” onto our little ones. We can’t sleep without our down comforter, allergen-free . The best baby mattress is one that properly in your crib and offers a firm surface for your little one. Here are our picks of the best baby mattresses for