An adult lady knelt for a Blowjob before the son of a friend - adult spanking an adult


adult spanking an adult - An adult lady knelt for a Blowjob before the son of a friend

This Blog is intended for adults only. All listed sites and pictures displayed or referred to in this blog feature consenting adult models and players. All stories and artwork featured are fiction only and refer to adults in role play. Log The Spanking – Within 24 hours, you are to add the spanking to our spanking log detailing what you got it with and other insight as to how the spanking went. Optional: If you feel so inclined, you may also write me a letter of thanks or thoughts of the spanking you just received. So that’s it. My real spanking .

In the past, Jesus People USA practiced the disciplinary spanking of adult females - an unbiblical practice. That said, there is a 'movement' among, for the most part, people who identify themselves as ' fundamentalist Christians,' that advocates so-called 'Christian Domestic Discipline' (CDD). Only one question will come close to that. Other than that all questions will address being spanked as *an adult* by other adults not related to you. No questions will segway into your erotic sexuality. It is about real situations that led to real spankings as an adult. Enjoy and fell free to discuss in the message board.

This is called Adult Discipline for a reason. If you are 21 & over, we can talk about whether this is the right path for you. If you are under 21, I will not work with you under any circumstances, so don't even ask. By going on to the next pages, you are certifying that you are at least 21 years of age. Corporal Punishment & Spanking Expert in Manchester. Experienced and Strict Mistress, Miss Demeanor - fully stocked and equipped Study/School Room to cater for all types of discipline.

The distinction seemed so obvious and significant when I was young, but as an adult I find it impossible to explain. Parent-child violence in one context was clearly abuse, while parent-child violence in another context was clearly discipline. One was unconscionable, the other justified, even morally mandated. One was hate, and the other, love. You can get one of these three results: A Soft Spanking, A Hard Spanking, or a Very Hard Spanking. So, Now allz you gotta do now is take the quiz, get your results, and go to whoever punishes you and show them what you got so you can get on with your life!(Remember, be honest everyone!!) Created by: .