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Financial illiteracy in America extends to all portions of society, although some groups such as minorities and women have less financial knowledge than others. Both individuals nearing retirement and those just entering the workforce display inadequate amounts of financial knowledge that obstructs intelligent personal finance planning. May 24,  · 2. 21% of US adults read below the 5th grade level. 3. 19% of high school graduates can not read. 4. 85% of juveniles who interact with the juvenile court system are considered functionally illiterate. 5. 70% of inmates in America’s prisons can not read above the fourth grade level. Global Illiteracy.

Illiteracy has become such a serious problem in our country that 44 million adults are now unable to read a simple story to their children 50% of adults cannot read a book written at an eighth grade level 45 million are functionally illiterate and read below a 5th grade level 44% of the American adults do not read a book in a year. Children of less-educated parents are much more likely to become low-skilled adults. U.S. adults with low levels of education who have parents with low levels of education are 10 times more likely to have low skills than are those who have higher-educated parents. 2.

Other Nations with Near-Complete Literacy. A literacy rate that hovers around % is seen in quite a few other countries of the world, including Azerbaijan and Cuba. Countries such as Georgia, Tajikistan, Russia, Poland, and Slovenia have also all achieved literacy rates on or near %.Focusing on Russia, it is estimated that 53% of the population there receives some form . Illiteracy is defined as not knowing how to read or write beyond a basic level, understanding directions, or having the capacity to complete tasks in a timely manner. A person can either be purely or functionally illiterate. Purely illiterate individuals cannot read or write in any capacity for all practical purposes.

Adult Literacy Programs that Change Lives. Helping adults gain literacy skills helps reduce poverty, improve public health, and advance human rights around the world. Our powerful network of over , members, customers, donors, partners, and advocates around the world carry out programs and projects that change lives. This is a list of countries by literacy figures represented are almost entirely collected by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) on behalf of UNESCO with estimates based on people aged 15 or over who can read and write. Where data is taken from a different source, notes are provided. The data is collated by mostly using surveys within the last ten years .