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Dec 06,  · The Average Daily Calorie Intake for Women. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that the average American woman over age 20 takes in over 1, calories per day. This is lower than the recommended daily caloric intake, but during to , nearly Aug 06,  · The average adult needs approximately 2, calories per day. Yet, individual calorie recommendations depend on many factors, such as your size, gender, exercise level, weight goals, and overall.

In , U.S. youth drank an average of 15 ounces of water and in , U.S. adults drank an average of 39 ounces of water on a given day. 7,8; Among U.S. youth, plain water intake is lower in younger children, non-Hispanic black, Mexican-American. 7. A sudden drop in daily calorie intake (less than calories) can cause your metabolism to slow. Calculate your recommended daily calorie intake to lose weight, maintain or gain your weight. To lose your weight, calories are subtracted per day for each pound ( grams) you plan to lose every week.

Figuring out Your Daily Calorie Intake Isn’t Rocket Science. Being conscious of your calorie intake can help you maintain a healthy weight, or lose a few extra pounds if necessary. The average recommended daily caloric intake is calories for males, and calories . *Please note that the calorie counts provided are guidelines for average lightly active adult spayed or neutered dogs or cats (1 to 7 years old receiving less than 30 minutes aerobic activity per day). The caloric needs of a particular pet may differ depending on such factors as lifestyle, genetics, activity level and medical conditions.

Estimate how many calories you need a day based on your total daily energy expenditure. You no longer need to guess how much should you eat or how much food you need per day - use this TDEE-based calorie calculator to scientifically estimate your recommended caloric intake. Caloric content of macronutrients. Nov 08,  · Estimates range from 1, to 2, calories per day for adult women and 2, to 3, calories per day for adult men. Suggested Caloric Intake Equations In addition to the general references indicated in the DGAs, calculators and equations help individualize calorie needs considering gender, age, height, weight, and activity levels.